Plant nurseries for vines and rootstocks

The vine nursery Plant Vid, is a leading company in the elaboration and sale of vine plants. We offer our winemaking customers our personal experience in vine plants and rootstocks in general. We have therefore created and included a regularly updated information service about vine varieties, regional vine regulations, recommendations from our experts in vine plants, as well as plagues and diseases affecting vines. Only by registering in our website we will inform you regularly, free of charge, through your email. If you are interested, you can fill in the following form. We will contact you as soon as possible.

We have not only tried to make a website for a vine nursery, but a genuine viticulture guide, characterized by dependability, practicality, and ease of use.

Plant Vid is a leading company in the sector and has a long, time-tested experience in the creation of vines and indigenous rootstock at the regional, national and international level.

The sale of vine varieties, grapes and rootstock

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